Itsy- Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Tankini

Reflecting back on my latest water park experience I feel the need to comment on  a major observation I made:

I really need to get in on this whole tankini business.  Not as in “I need to purchase a tankini” more so “I NEED TO START A TANKINI SWIMSUIT LINE BECAUSE I’LL BE RICH AS HELL!” Oh, I know all about tankinis. If you don’t (which means I already hate you because you are skinny enough to not wear one), a tankini is a bikini but with a full top that covers the entire abdominal area.  Most women wear these because they’ve had kids.  And kids ruin abs.  Unless you are dedicated to health, wellness, and exercise and have rock hard abs (which means, again, I hate you) or you are naturally fit (in which case, I hate you also), you probably have gone into a fitting room with various swimsuits and cried.  You have probably grabbed a cute bikini, put that bad boy on in the wonderful florescent lighting, and said, “where the hell are the tankinis?”  Not that I’ve done that at all…

Anyway, as I was walking around the park, I noticed all but three moms were wearing tankinis, even if they didn’t need to.  There were moms who were tiny and still covered from head to toe in unnecessary swim garb.  There were women rocking the swim skirt, swim shorts, swim dress, even what appeared to be a short-sleeved shirt made of swimsuit material.

This leads me to believe that no woman wants to show her post-children skin. I get it.  I fall right into that category.  I have parts of me that I hate don’t like.  I have parts of my body that I wish were a little more toned.  I have parts of my body that I never had to worry about, but now I’m suddenly noticing that it’s not as nice and neat as it used to be. But really, if most of us are in the same boat, why do we care so much?  It does’t make us bad moms.  It doesn’t make us bad wives.  It makes us real and it makes us normal.  I would love to look like those three women who were proudly wearing those bikinis and showing off their bodies–good for them.  They should show them off–but the rest of us, hiding behind our tankinis, skirts, dresses, shorts, and shirts, let’s cut ourselves some slack.  We’re busy!  We’ve grown children IN OUR OWN BODIES!  We should look different!  There’s no shame in that!  I’m not saying that we need to just throw away healthy eating and exercise but I don’t think we need to feel so embarrassed and ashamed of what we look like that we need to excessively cover ourselves.  Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with average.

I’ve had three kids.  I’ve gained a total of 130 pounds throughout all three pregnancies and lost 110 of those pounds.  I’ve lost 110 of those pounds while working full time and raising a family. I know I’m not alone here–let’s celebrate our averageness, ladies!

However, if anyone is looking for a new business venture, the tankini industry is thriving.

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3 Responses to Itsy- Bitsy-Teeny-Weeny-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Tankini

  1. Suzanne says:

    I wear one because I feel that I do not need to flaunt my body around children or other woman’s husband’s. Not that my body is perfect by any means I just think it’s considerate for a grown mature woman to not walk around half naked

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