Dear Facebook: I Love You, I Hate You, No Just Kidding I love You…No Now I Hate You Again.

I have mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  The same could be said for Facebook.  I love Facebook.  It’s a great way to stay in contact with people who were once an important part of my life but have moved away.  I’ve reconnected with childhood friends, past coworkers, and even distant family members. That being said, let me just tell you that as much as I love the connection Facebook allows, I also can’t stand it. And the reason I can’t stand it is for merely shallow, selfish reasons but I have to believe that I am not the only one here.

I’m turning 34 soon.  I have three children and a full time job and about this much    –      – (that’s me holding my hands super close together, as to illustrate a very small amount) free time.  I also love food.  So when I am reconnected with people who haven’t seen me since my pre-children days I’m always nervous I’m going to be the subject of a next day conversation that goes something like, “Oh I saw Shannon on Facebook!  Remember her?  Yeah, she’s doing pretty well.  Married, three kids.  Yeah, she got bigger though.”  Which is why I rarely put pictures of myself on the FB.  And if I’m tagged in a picture?  You best believe I’m doing some serious cropping or “remove tag” clicking later on. This is not to say that I think I’m hideous–I just think the stressful nature of my job coupled with my three beautiful but LOUD children has taken it’s toll on me…plus I really love food. The years have not been as kind to me as they have to many of my friends. And of course, the FB just rubs that right in every so often.

Another reason I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook is parenting.  HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF CRAPOLA WHEN IT COMES TO PARENTING via Facebook? Example:  “Dinnertime!  Freshly speared salmon braised in an organic lemon glaze, gluten free high fiber mashed potatoes, and green pepper/cucumber salad picked fresh from our garden that little Janey planted herself this year!”   or “Bobby finished Grapes of Wrath with me today.  We had an in-depth discussion and are going on a museum tour tomorrow!  My little guy is one smart 5-year-old!” Meanwhile, I’m knee deep in popsicle wrappers and my kids are begging me for hot dogs and potato salad. I try to cook healthy. I try to cook five nights a week.  But sometimes a pizza night is necessary. I think I would scream with joy if I saw another mom post, “Tried to cook a decent meal but Pauly spit it out, Petey started crying and pushed his plate away, and Patty said she wanted cereal instead.”  Because that’s for freaking sure what’s going on in my house some nights.  Or maybe, “Oh great, homework time!  That awesome shitstorm of a time where kids whine, need help, get mad, yell that I’m dumb and don’t know what I’m talking about, and throw pencils.”    I love the pictures of my friends children, I love to hear cute stories, I love the successes many of my Facebook friends are experiencing, but every now and then I’d like to know that I’m not alone in the craziness too.  Camaraderie ladies, that’s what we need!

Oh, how about the sad pictures that say “1 like = 1 prayer”    Dude, nobody likes cancer. Nobody likes sad pictures of puppies, children with illnesses, disabilities, or active military members kneeling out of respect for a fallen soldier.  It sucks and then I feel like a total douche for not liking the pictures so then I feel guilty and then I’m like, “but I don’t really like that this little baby has cancer, and I don’t think by clicking ‘like’ I’m sending JC a special prayer for this little dude either.  So really I’m liking this because I feel like there’s a little Facebook watcher who is judging me if I keep scrolling past the sadness.”

And then there’s weather.  Oh good Lord, don’t get me started on the weather complaining.   The weather, no matter how much a person complains, curses, cries, or whines about it, WILL NOT CHANGE DUE TO A FACEBOOK STATUS!  In the winter, it is cold.  It is snowy. It is great for about a month and then it gets really old.  And guess what?  We all feel the same way!  So posting “It’s March and still snowing!” is not news to anybody.  In fact, it usually snows in March up here–the fact that 2012 was warm was abnormal–a phenomenon.   And there are the summer heat complainers.  Two months of summer.  TWO. No complaining about the heat when there are only two months of it!  The weather is not reading Facebook.  Stop it.

But aside from the fact that I’ve gotten a wee bit larger, I feel like a crappy mom, I don’t like the sad pictures, and weather complainers annoy me, Facebook is great!  In fact, you should like the Mrs Momblog Facebook page!  Just click on the link and voila!

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Mom of 3, wife of 1, teacher of 103. Sarcastic always.
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2 Responses to Dear Facebook: I Love You, I Hate You, No Just Kidding I love You…No Now I Hate You Again.

  1. Kristie says:

    AH…so true! you crack me up! love reading your blog!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Thank you for “keeping it real”
    34 year old mom with 2 kids

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