All Hail The Power of Girlfriends

I was on Pinterest this morning. Which you know, means I just pinned a whole bunch of crafty outdoor ideas that I’m all amped up for but I’ll never complete and then I’ll get unnecessarily angry and stressed about it. But whatever, I digress. So, I saw this quote that said, “Be the type of person you want to meet.” Makes sense–I mean, it’s so simple and obvious, but it’s not like people go walking around making a conscious effort to be a certain way. We sort of just are who we are. And then I thought of my friends and why they were the type of people I wanted to meet.

1.Humor . I love my friends for various reasons, but laughter is up there. Being able to laugh about this business of creating responsible human beings and making sure we don’t royally screw it up, is pretty important. I mean, if we can laugh about the fact that one of us was so annoyed with our kids that we threatened to move out, or that we had to yell at our middle child for doing a handstand in the middle of the Walmart bathroom (yeah, yeah, I had him wash his hands) then this whole I’m-not-twenty-anymore-and-why-didn’t-anyone-tell-me-that-raising-kids-wouldn’t-always-be-smiles-and-sunshine business is so much easier.

2. Realistic. I don’t want to pretend that life doesn’t affect me. I don’t want to sugarcoat everything and put on a happy face when life isn’t always happy. I’m blessed with my family. I have healthy children. I have a happy marriage. I have a stable job that I love. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy or even fun. My girlfriends are right there with me. I know they struggle in the same way that I do. I know they don’t adore every second of their lives. I know that they make mistakes and they know I make mistakes but we are all in this together. I can call them, text them, or find them at work and know that they just get it.

3. Level-headed. None, not one, of my girlfriends lets her head get away from her. All have had amazing successes and achievements but we are so much the same at heart. No matter who we are, where we are now living, what we are driving, or what we look like, when there are plans that include drinks and appetizers, we get excited. Some of us are getting ready for these drinks and appetizers in a one bathroom house, while some are getting ready in a master suite bathroom. But we’re all still the same in that nachos and a rare night out are calling our name.

4. Inspiring. My friends inspire me to be better. We get ideas from each other, we encourage each other, we exercise together, and we accept each other when we struggle to get there. I’ve learned so much from watching and observing my friends…and following them on Pinterest.

5. Growth. On days when I think I know it all, I look at my friends and see that they know more. On the days when I know I don’t know it all and need help pronto, I know I can reach out to any of my friends, and they’ll help me grow. I love picking the brains of my girlfriends and learning. I’ve learned ways to organize, parenting techniques, fashion tips, recipes, budgeting ideas…I’ve learned how to live and how to live well.

Being the type of person who I would want to meet? I’ve already met them and I’d be honored to be like them.

Thanks to my girlfriends. xo

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