Emails from Mrs Momblog

I am writing in hopes to reach my readers who have been receiving unsolicited emails from me.  I have NOT sent any emails to anybody who is a follower, commenter, twitter follower, or someone who has ‘liked’ the Mrs Momblog Facebook page.  The only emails you will ever receive is if you have signed up to receive email notifications if I post something new or if someone has responded to a comment that you posted. 

If you have received an unsolicited email from me, can you please comment here?  If you would please leave the email address it came from along with the content of the email I would greatly appreciate it.  I am worried that someone has gotten ahold of followers information and sending communications under the guise of Mrs Momblog.

I’m sorry for the confusion, but I would not open any emails that come from Mrs Momblog unless it is from WordPress. 

Great, now it’s one more thing on my list of “Annoying and Stressful Situations This Morning.” 

Thanks, friends.

Mrs Momblog



About Mrs Momblog

Mom of 3, wife of 1, teacher of 103. Sarcastic always.
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2 Responses to Emails from Mrs Momblog

  1. robinm7977 says:

    This is an email I received if it’s not from you thought you would like to know

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