Diary of a Neglecting Sister

I’m reblogging one of the many insightful, funny, wise, well-written posts by one of my FAVORITE former students. Hunter has always had ‘it.’ I told her often in 9th grade that she needs to pursue writing. She just has…it. I hope you take a few minutes to read through her blog and see the world through a high school senior’s eyes. This friends, is the future. Hunter and many more talented, smart, witty young adults are about to go out into the world and take it: explore it, learn it, change it, and lead it. This is our future! Read Hunter’s blog here. Thanks, friends. –Mrs. Momblog

the airhead chronicles

Today I did something I have never done before.

I initiated a conversation with my little nine year old sister… Okay well, by initiate a conversation I mean I mumbled “shit” to myself because I realized I had used the last of the milk and I needed it in the morning for my daily three cups of caffeine, so then I had to save it by asking Meghan, “Ship.  I was thinking of how I want to go on a cruise.  Don’t you think we should go on a cruise Meg?” 

She looked up at me and her face lit up and her hazel eyes twinkled.  She could barely finish her sentence because she was grinning so much.   

Why was she so happy?  Was it because the Shake It Up marathon?  Could she not wait to break out her fierce 64 Crayola crayon pack tomorrow? Was it because tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Diary of a Neglecting Sister

  1. Oh shucks Mrs. Styles!!!!! Tear-jerker yet butterfly-in-my-tummy creating all at the same time! I don’t know what to say!! Okay I do know what to say!! I keep telling myself I want to pursue a career in journalism and I am incredibly nosy and aware of my surroundings and I love reporting and interviewing and learning about little secrets in the nooks and crannies of the world, but when I hear i’m a good writer I just want to go all out and major in something like creative writing and literature and dive into the fiction world.. The truth is I don’t want to report about pessimistic world of cynical politicians arguing with each other all the time or this kid stabbing this kid, and I know if I go into the journalism field that’s what it will be like…I know i’ll meet amazing people and i’ll be doing neat investigations, but my heart wants me to write books and analyze literature …is there a minor for that? Maybe I can just make a goal to bring optimism into the world of journalism? I suppose I can be a feature writer for magazines ..I don’t have to be a depressing journalist! This “thank you” turned into a huge vent/rant/scream for help…I just don’t know where journalism will take me and i’m scared!! Maybe we can talk about majors during one of my study halls..I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! P.s. I think you need to write a novel one day…or maybe twelve of them. It’s teachers like you that taught me how to be all deep and stuff 🙂 Ayn Rand-Anthem changed my whole outlook on life. Make your students re-read it seven times!! Hehe!! And romeo and juliet!!!!! Best books i’ve ever read was in your class!! :))

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