Dear Neighbors:

To My New Neighbors:

You see that green house behind us?  That sweet couple who likes their nightly cocktail on the deck? We have been tormenting them for nine years.  They know more about the inner workings of our family than anyone… the good, the bad, the ugly.  I’m sure they have an appropriate drinking game to go along with the six o’clock ugliness of hungry fighting that happens with my kids every evening. When they begin to hear the kitchen window slam shut, they know I have now attempted to block out some of the impending yelling that will take place, which doesn’t even muffle the sounds because our houses are just soclosetogether.  (I hope she is feeling better.  She was sneezing an awful lot the other day.)

What started as  toddler tantrums when we first moved in (and a 7:00 bedtime…at least they had that) has evolved into hormonal disputes, interesting name calling, and a touch of physicality. And that is all before I get involved.

New neighbors, take heed. They will fight. I try to keep it in check. I really really really hope you have loud kids, too.

And to my dear sweet neighbors in the green house, take comfort in this:  one day, my boys will own their own homes, and if karma has any sense of humor, she will give them neighbors with a pair brothers who are just like them.


Mrs MB

Moms Who Write and Blog

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5 Responses to Dear Neighbors:

  1. You have writing prompts? I thought with how funny this stuff is you wouldn’t need any prompts. Funny enough, my neighbors just moved and we got new ones. I couldn’t decide if it was because of the sheep my other neighbor had in the back yard or if it’s cause my lawn was always taller then their neatly manicured yard. I mean their yard was immaculate and mine… well… it wasn’t!

    • Mrs Momblog says:

      This was the first writing prompt I’ve used–I’ve been needing it lately. The house to the right of us has a two year turn around. Either the house is haunted or they have all hated us. A sheep?!

      • Not just one sheep… It’s a small herd… A very rural village in upstate NY. The neighbors across the street have chickens. It’s pretty awesome!… I’m gonna add to it next year and get my own chickens. Hope the new neighbors realized they moved to a very pro-farming community. Ha! Haunted?

  2. adriennhunt says:

    This is great! So funny! That’s one thing I do not miss about living in the neighborhood-neighbors hearing me yell at my kids all summer!

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