Mom of 3. Wife of 1. Teacher of 103. F’ing crazy by 8 am.

Hi there!  Thanks for wondering about me.  Or not.  Maybe you just stumbled upon this by accident.  In any event, this is a place where I write.  I write to make fun of myself.  I write to process what happened during my day and reflect on if I (or any moms of little people) will ever have 100% brain function again.  I write to sing praises to my kids and marvel at their straight-out weirdness.  I write because I like to know that I am not alone on this journey.

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  1. I really like your latest post. As a public school teacher of 20+ years in the state of NC, I am fed up with the politicians using teachers, students, and our own children and families as pawns. November 4th is the day that thousands in NC will walkout. I’m hoping it’s tens of thousands. Good luck to you!

  2. And angry you should be; send this letter to New York Times–editorial page. Consider putting this son in a Waldorf or Montessori school. Yes it is a financial outlay yet your child’s spirit and loving nature may not be suited to the one-size-fits-all public school system. Personally, I was surprised to learn how many administrators in a very large metropolitian public school system sent their OWN children to Wardorf schools. Please move this sensitive child to a place that is nurturing and to which he will respond in a healthy way…..don’t make him “last out the school year.”
    AND keep personally fighting to overturn present public school curriculum.

  3. Pat Shanny says:

    Mom of four (one having DS), grandma of seven, ex-wife of one (and never again), and teacher in a public HS with over 3400 students, nine principals (believe that one), and semi-sane after 32 years here.
    CCSS is not the only problem. Folks need to look deep into what they’re doing and saying, and what it’s doing to kids in and out of school. School time, in class, is less than five hours a day. It clearly has an effect, what happens in those hours, but it can’t kill the spirit if the rest of the day is spent being loved and nurtured. My kids and theirs are relatively in a positive place, growing in age and wisdom.

  4. Hello. My name is Kendall F. Person and it is my pleasure to officially (more or less) make your acquaintance. I am a fortunate beneficiary of being mentioned in your blog under the title ‘Good Readin’ From These Lady Bloggers’, as quite a number of visitors have made the trek to my neighborhood from your community. I am appreciative of the kind words the caption portrays and to be mentioned in such an esteemed honor roll, I am sure (I am neighbors with a few of the lady bloggers on the list, and thank you for introducing me to the others). Most importantly,I appreciate the sharing of your world. I am proud to be a part of the ‘Good Readin’ list, but in the event the particular platform is meant to showcase lady bloggers, I wanted to make sure you knew I fit only half of that equation. I understand completely, the need to remove my site, and am humbled if it remain. You have quite a beautiful community and I am glad that I had this opportunity to make it back over. Thank you again. And by the way, the last line up above ‘I write because I like to know that I am not alone on this journey.” is as poetic as it is profound. Thank you for that too.

  5. Ali ginestra says:

    Hi! My name is Ali, I’m a mom of 3. 10 1/2 girl, 5 1/2 girl and just 4 boy. I cried at your blogs regarding the current education system. I just love the way you write. I feel like I’m typing the very same words. I’ve been a first end reciever of today’s educational world with my first born beautiful, caring, intelligent, human being. She is one if the kindest people I know and her she has lost all self esteem beginning in 2nd-3rd grade. I watched it unfold in front of my eyes. I don’t blame anyone but myself for standing back. Ya see, I was at a disadvantage, I have The old school typical ADD, I live it and breath it every day, and I saw it in my daughter but a bit different from my traits, I’m of the high energy side where she appears to be lacksadaisicle. She was my first, I cottled her. I wanted her to mature before I began ponting out her misfortunes to the school until I was forced to when she came home with notes in her back pack with; “I am dumb”, and “I am stupid”. So I went to the team and asked for help, but was denied because she looked good on paper. It was bull shit. They zoned in on anxiety and put her back in the filing cabinet. Then, that summer, I got hot with yet another heart wrenching statement from my angel; we are never alone due to her 2 younger sibs, and so we were driving silently, and out if nowhere, in a very matter of fact way she says: “mommy, it’s okay if I’m dumb, not everyone is smart, but I’m still cool.” I had to pull over, I wanted to throw up. My poor baby was walking around at 8 yrs old actually rationalizing this in her head. I was heart broken. With out all the details, I got my ass moving and only because she tanked on the NJASK test, did we get help. Since that year she has pulled out of everything she loves (dance and soccer) and feels so beneath the other kids. After the full gammot of testings the behavioral pediatrician diagnosed her with a mild form of ADHD of the in attentive type. Now that being said, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to send her down the special ed road. I was tortured with making the decision due to my own background and living in the special ed world. My decision was to go down that road hesitantly, if I saw a glimmer of sadness being put in a special ed class For math, I would nix the entire thing. So here we’re thoughts and you being a teacher, I hope you get a chuckle out of this. So i said to myself, do I really give a shit about math when these children will have iPhones in their hands to help them wipe their ass, or do I make her self esteem tank evermore by throwing her into a class with 4 kids who are know to be special in her school. Well after mulling it thru, I did it. I threw her down that road. We are now in 5th grade middle school, and it seems to be okay, but when I went to back to school night, they made us follow her schedual and when the bd rang, only myself and one other parent moved out of our seats, to go to special ed math. It was then that I felt how weird it must be for her. 2 our of 28 kids had to leave the room. So here it sit wondering present day if I’ve done the right thing for my little girl. I know you know the pain based upon your letter to the commissioner. You are a blessing to me, thank you for taking the risk on blogging and thank you ever so much for being an invested teacher. I would love to talk live with you. Your amazing!

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